We have been working hard to build a new platform for accepting orders for whole cakes and other assortments!

To allow us to transition to our new platform, we must pause on accepting any orders at this time while we button up loose ends and get ready to launch. Stay tuned for a launch date and more details to come.

We would like you to be aware that as part of our new ordering site, we will require at least 7 full days of lead time. And, this new ordering site will be the ONLY way to place an order for whole cake or assortment for small events and celebrations.

This is a change we have decided is best to make in our post-pandemic city in order to keep up with supply and demand in our business, ingredient shortages and regularly being short staffed. We understand that for some of you this may take some time to get used to, and we appreciate your understanding and support to help us as we’ve had to find ways to constantly adapt and persevere since 2020. But rest assured, this new website will be much more user friendly and direct and allow you to¬†complete the full ordering process from start to finish at once, so you are all set to go for your pickup day! We are excited about this change and look forward to serving each and every one of you!

Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness during this time. We promise we are working so hard behind the scenes to make this all happen for you, our lovely customers, to the best of our ability. We truly appreciate your patronage and business and look forward to helping you celebrate!


Lisa & The Petunia’s Family