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What flours do you use?
We predominately use millet flour, flax seed meal, rice flour, tapioca flour, almond meal, and some brown rice, teff and coconut flour. No potato, garbanzo or bean flours! High protein, high fiber stuff! Yum!
Do you use soy?
The chocolate we use does contain soy lecithin. Most of our customers say that this is okay for them, as it is not the protein of soy, but the fat. But, that’s not the case for everyone. Our Cream Cheese Frosting and Cheesecakes have soybean oil as part of Tofutti Cream Cheese blend. A few items have tofu. Other than that, we don’t use soy intentionally.
What sweetener do you use?
We use organic cane sugar for our main sweetener. But, some items have agave syrup, maple syrup, dates or brown rice syrup instead.
Are your products made in a dedicated GF Facility?
Yes! We are proud to say our bakery is 100% gluten free!
Can I order a birthday cake/wedding cake/special treats from you?

Of course! We do custom orders for all large or small events, birthdays, weddings, gorging out alone on weekends, etc. We do anything from layer cakes to cupcakes to bars & cookies to breakfast pastries, pies & more! We can make most items cane sugar free or nut free. Our website has more information and a menu or you can call the shop anytime to place an order.

See our special order page for more information and a menu or you can call the shop anytime to place an order.

Are items available to buy wholesale?
Yes! We love our wholesale partners!
See our wholesale page for more information.

Do you ship?
Yes! We can ship all kinds of things across the U.S.! Small things like cookies, sandwich cookies, bars, unfrosted cupcakes, jars of frosting, breakfast pastries, and baking mixes ship best. We can ship cupcakes, with the cakes safely wrapped and frosting and decorations separately, to put together and have fun with on arrival! See our Online Shop for more information.
How long have you been around?
Petunia’s Pies & Pastries® was founded in January 2010 by owner, Lisa Clark. She started out at as a young girl with a vision and a passion for baking and helping people at the PSU farmers market, then got into wholesale with businesses like Whole Foods, New Seasons, Elephant’s Deli, Market of Choice, Coops, and many local coffee shops and cafes in Portland. Our website has a full list of retailers! She grew her team, added to her list of wholesale partners, grew her loyal fan base, and finally, in March of 2013, she opened our first retail location on SW 12th & Alder in downtown Portland!
There are so many gluten free and vegan options in Portland. What makes you different?
Everything we do, we do with intent. We truly value and appreciate customer support, needs, and making people happy. That’s why we’re around. Everyone that works with us is happy. We have a true passion for the business, our work, and how we affect other’s lives. We love to feed people, to show them a good time, and to make them smile. We’ve got personality and charm, and aim to give people not just a cookie, but an experience to take home that they remember, share with loved ones, and that brings them back every day. We love what we do!
Why is this so good? How do you make this so good?
Magic. And love. LOTS of love!